Social anxiety can be the root of low self-worth, despair and in severe cases, suicide attempts of the sufferer. To lessen their anxiety and relieve depression, those who have social anxiety might utilize drugs or alcohol that can cause addiction.

A lot of people suffering from social anxiety might as well develop another form of anxiety. Particularly, people suffering from social anxiety might become very worried that they suffer from panic attacks (or extreme outbursts of fear together with physical symptoms) while in an alarming social circumstance. As for further case by case panic attacks take place, people suffering from social anxiety might take intense ways to avoid cases wherein they are afraid that another panic attack might happen or wherein help might not be readily available. Such avoidance, like that in most panic disorder sufferer, might ultimately lead to agoraphobia- the incapacity to go ahead of safe and known environment due to extreme anxiety and fear.

It is very common for social anxiety to co-occur with other disorders like substance abuse or eating disorders. Diseases like high blood pressure, heart problems, thyroid conditions, migraine headache and irritable bowel syndrome may be associated with this anxiety as well. In addition, there are great chances for other psychiatric disorders to take place if social anxiety is left neglected or untreated.

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